Executive Brief: Nursing Certification Paper

Executive Brief: Nursing Certification Paper
Nurse Managers are in a position to require applicants to have certification or mandate it once hired. Nursing certification offers the clinician a competitive edge or marketability when seeking professional positions. A career in nursing offers a myriad of specialty practice areas to choose from. The American Nurses association represents nurses although not all nurses are members of the organization. Specialization has created a wide array of professional organizations which in turn offer certification after the nurse has met the requirements to sit for the exam. Some of the reasons nurses choose not to become certified can be related to the costs associated with the process, the lack of employer recognition or reward, expenditure of time, and preparation for the exam.The purpose of this assignment is twofold one is to explore areas of Nursing interest and determine the steps needed to become certified in your chosen area of practice. The other goal is to critically analyze Nursing certification in your current work setting.If you currently are certified in a particular area you could explore ways to promote certification at your work site, create a certification refresher course, or examine other specialty areas.

A. Write an executive Brief using APA format
a. 2-3 pages in length not including the title page and reference page
b. Include 3 Peer reviewed scholarly nursing journals as references
c. Explain Nursing certification briefly, emphasize your conclusions, or recommendation, and include only the essential or most significant information to support your conclusions
d. Prepare Executive brief for Chief Nursing Officer or Professional Peers
B. Introduce the topic of nursing certification
a. Explore the reasons to achieve Nursing certification
b. Discuss your particular work setting or future work settings position on certification.
i. Work site incentives for nurses to become certified
ii. Work site educational programs leading to certification
iii. Work site mentorship and or/professional recognition
c. Critically analyze the pros and cons for Nursing certification
C. Select an professional area of interest which you would consider for certification in the future
a. Outline the steps required to obtain professional certification in your particular specialty area of interest
i. Create a personal timeline to achieve certification in the future if desired
b. Describe the specialty area of current or future interest – Why did you choose it?
i. Summarize professional organizations, and journals available to members including;
1. Costs associated with professional certification
2. Continuing education requirements post certification

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