Evaluation of the movie ‘Black Heart’ by Brad and Brock Simpson Characters (Actors)

The movie the Black heart is a crime mystery thriller that was first released in 1998 in Spain. Directed by Dominic Shiach, the movie revolves around the lives of two main characters Ray (Richard Grieco and Annette played by Maria Conchita Alonso. Ray and Annette are a couple who make out their living by scamming, lying and seducing the unsuspecting wealthy victims so as to get their hands on their riches.

Ray and Annette desire to have a break through in the terms of their financial status and they get an opportunity when they meet a woman who had just inherited a huge sum of money. Ray’s greed overwhelms him as he wants to keep all the money to himself yet Annette wants to share.

Other supporting actors in the movie include Holmes (Christopher Plummer), Laura (Fiona Loewi), Mel (Alan Peterson), Boone (William MacDonald), Sam (Lisa Ryder), VIP (Bill Lake), Enger (Jack Duffy), and Mrs. Duffy (Patricia Brown).In my own opinion I do not think the movie was such a masterpiece and the writers could have attempted to make the story line more intriguing, the characters did not also put such an effort in their acting. Among all the actors, Annette (Maria Conchita Alonso) stood out as the best female actress in the film and Holmes (Christopher Plummer) was the best male actor.

These two characters seem to effortlessly play their roles and seem to fit better in the act than the rest of the cast. The use of the name Holmes for the private investigator lacked originality as it seemed like it was a copy from the movie Sherlock Holmes. The writers and the directors should have at least used a different name because having the Pi with that name and wearing the hat throughout the movie takes us back to the movie Sherlock Holmes and we can see some lack of originality.


Lighting falls under the cinematography docket which was headed by Ousama Rawi. Lighting has been adequately used in this movie to bring out different effects in different scenes. To begin with the viewers already get an idea of how the movie will turn out to be by just having a look at the casing.

The casing of the movie the Black Heart depicts a woman who looks like she has been hanged upside down and seems to be screaming. The blushing grey lighting gives this picture an almost scary feel which enables the movie to perfectly fit in the genre of thriller.The lighting for the movie the Black Heart is not as good as the bluish tint runs throughout the movie.

Unfortunately the lack of variation of lighting can deter a movie watcher form proceeding with the watching of the movie. Good lighting in any movie entails the use of different lightings to for example denote different times of the night. Unfortunately, the movie the Black Heart does not succeed in this area as the bluish color persists whether it is night or day. The lighting with the bluish color makes the night scenes in the movie hardly visible as it becomes very dark that the characters are almost swallowed up in the darkness.