Ethical leadership in psychiatric nursing

1. Introduce an ethical leadership issue from your practice (psychiatric nursing) area in the introduction paragraph.
2. Clearly identify key strategies pertinent to address the ethical issue. The strategies should focus on resolution or prevention of the ethical issue identified.
3. Provide an analysis of a minimum of three scholarly sources of empirical evidence that support your strategies. See Doc Sharing for a copy of Analyzing Scholarly Sources to assist with your assignment if needed.
4. Provide specific examples of the impact your ethical issue has to nursing and/or importance on nursing.
5. Concluding statements should summarize the overall content of your paper.
6. Paper will be no more than three pages, excluding title and reference page in APA format 6th edition.

Use the suggested format and headings to organize your assignment.
a. Include introduction (but do not label as a heading in APA format).
b. Key strategies pertinent to ethical issue
c. Analysis of evidence
d. Importance to nursing
e. Conclusion

PS. this is in a psychiatric unit and the paper should reflect that.