how the employees interact with consumers.

This assignment is Sunday May 22 at 12pm NOON (eastern standard time).

*Assignment must be 100% originial work and include at least one reference and properly cited.


Review the information listed on Wal-Marts website, or interview someone from the respective company to answer and discuss the following information.


Company: Wal-Mart (company side of the house, not the shoppers).  Only include the consumer side of the business if it is regarding how the employees interact with consumers.


Topic to be covered: Discuss how these factors may serve to benefit the organization


Write 210 to 280 words and properly sited by whoever authored that section, please include references with your work.


*Feel free to stop by the local Wal-Mart, just remember to get the name of individuals you speak with and site them properly as ‘personal communications’ (Remember, personal communications do not get added to the reference page, just in the text.) .