Earth’s Formation & Interior


Read Introduction & Chapter 1, and answer Question 1 listed below.

Learning Objective, you will see that the Earth’s formation and interior characteristics are a function of unique interpretations of scientific observations. Then you will be asked to consider possible changes to these theories in light of new thinking and data.

After reading The Introduction to the Earth’s Formation (Pages 2 to 35) and Chapter 1, The Earth’s Interior (Pages 38 to 65), in your text, research and answer the following question.

Question #1; the text describes the Earth as a balanced and ordered body in the universe. Something understood and predictable. If this is true, how can you relate Chaos Theory, as developed by the Santa Fe think tank, ‘What can go wrong, will go wrong’? Chaos Theory seems to be the opposite of Earth Formation Theory as in the book, and actually is implying a disordered universe. How can order and disorder exist in the universe, as we know it, at the same time? Consider your answer as an opinion, a draft that can be changed as the class progresses. Your chance, in the first week, to step outside the box created by the book. Submit your report as an assignment for a grade.

Web link: (Links to an external site.) This web site is for fun, go to their search engine and type in your last name. See if a mineral is named after you, if there is you can print a color picture. You may already be famous.