Starting the context, the author portrays down the main guidelines which can enable an individual survive in the street. A smart dumpster diver should be someone who has common sense to evaluate between the dumped things so as to come out with the useable and edible ones. Enighner’s is in a position to survive simply because he takes what is useful and the rest is left. Not all things are for survival and that is why the use of common sense is quite important and useful to dumpsters, (EIGHNER, 2011).

Enighner’s is actually smart dumpster and that is why he is able to survive as a homeless person. Being smart implies that he was able to locate places that provide quality and useful waste materials. In those dumping places, he was able to get some materials which were useful and other which were not. With the help of his common senses, he emerges with best wastes simply because in the place he was collecting dumps is a place which has rich people and their wastes were not necessary bad, but some were dumped because owners wanted to replace new ones. His dog is among the tactics that he uses to survive in the streets. The dog has adapted on ways of searching for wastes that are consumable which it takes to its master, (EIGHNER, 2011).

Does it mean that all things that are dumped are always bad? According to the author, this is not always the truth. In some instances, you may find a person dumping things simply because he feels that he want to replace or goods are plenty and the consumption rate is minimal. According to the author, there are some positive-nesses about wasteful things although not always the case. The argument is based on the grounds that it provides homeless people with source of their living. As per the authors thought other peoples waste products is a source of some peoples living. This means that though most people see wastes as a destruction action or something that can bring about harm; this is not always the case, (EIGHNER, 2011).

From the author’s observation, it’s clearly that people has different reasons as to why they tend to throw away whatever they have. The main reason from the author’s context is that, for one it’s a waste but to someone’s else the waste becomes what he or she wants in life .also we learn how an individual can strive and get a living from us of common sense thought there are not many among people. Throwing away something does not necessary mean that its bad but there is a reason as to why such an action is being taken regardless of the quality of the waste, (EIGHNER, 2011).

Eighner’s survival tactics are very tricky and that is why he always manages to survive in the streets. The first thing it to be cautious and this is what make its colleted from the dumpiest to be useful in one way or the other. Sourcing the commodities directly from the source is quite better simply because those wastes will take some time before they go bad. Another thing is that his survival is enhanced by the dog which he uses in the time of selecting what is good for the health, (EIGHNER, 2011).


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