Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Briefing #1: Digital Usability

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Objective: The purpose of this briefing is to investigate how your selected publisher (Facebook vs. Google) approaches its design and usability. You can type your answer below each question within this briefing document. Briefings should be completed individually, saved to your computer, and submitted online before its due date.


  • Visit your publisher’s website. If you are assigned to Facebook, you will evaluate the main Facebook site at If you are assigned to Google, you will evaluate the YouTube site at Add two screenshots of the main page you are analyzing here, one from a desktop/laptop screen and one from a mobile (tablet or phone) here:
  • Digital Usability Analysis. Do a little searching and browsing through the website (and its mobile site version) and share a brief overview as to how you think this site is doing on the usability criteria listed below. You should reference the screenshot above, as needed, or add more screenshots below to illustrate your points.
  1. Taking Advantage of Conventions
  2. Creating Clear Visual Hierarchy
  3. Dividing Each Page into Clearly Defined Areas
  4. Making it Obvious What’s Clickable
  5. Eliminating Distractions
  6. Formatting Text to Support Scanning
  7. Considering Smaller Screen Sizes
  • Do a WebsiteGrader analysis of your site. Go to Website Grader at and input your publisher’s site ( or Does it provide any new insight about your publisher’s digital usability? Explain.
  • Reflection. How do you feel your overall understanding of your assigned digital publisher is enhanced by completing this briefing? Why am I asking you to analyze the usability of these sites?