Diabetes in Oklahoma

Diabetes in Oklahoma

Instructions for the Assignment:

Show critical thinking in your written assignment. USE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS, not just a string of references–show that you thought about the material that you are discussing!!
You must use statistics to support your discussion. Always reference (in APA format) all statistics in your report.
Include references for all data given in your report, in each section!
Note: Points will be deducted in each section if references are not used to support statistics and uncommon information in that section.
Cite professional, governmental or academic references—not Wikipedia, etc.—to support your discussion.
Use correct APA format to reference your answers and include sources on a reference list at the end of your assignment.
Refer to the Academic Writing Grading Rubric.
Use a cover sheet. The body of paper should be up to 5 pages in length. Be concise and do not repeat ideas. See the APA book on professional writing.
Section 1: Cause of death in Oklahoma

Instructions: Review this website: Oklahoma Department of Health (http://www.ok.gov/health/). Read the most recent State of the State\’s Health Report (found on the website). In relation to the report, choose one cause of death in Oklahoma and clearly state the cause of death. Use this webpage to determine the cause of death you will write about, it is your choice: https://stateofstateshealth.ok.gov/


Note: The cause of death must be a disease or a disease process.
Include data and statistics to support your discussion.
State the cause of death.
What is Oklahoma’s rate for the cause of death?
Compare the United States’ rate to Oklahoma’s rate.
What is Oklahoma’s rank in the U.S?
What grade did Oklahoma earn?
Name a state that is healthier than Oklahoma.
In relation to the cause of death stated in question 1, list the healthier state’s:
Rank in the U.S.
Grade earned
Discuss reasons why you think that state rates better than Oklahoma.
What strategies has the healthier state put in place to specifically target and decrease the specified cause of death in that state?
How could Oklahoma adapt (tweak) the strategies described above to help Oklahoma improve their health outcomes?
Section 2: Demographics and their impact on the cause of death

Instructions: Review credible websites to discuss the folloing criteria. From these websites, identify one demographic category of the population of Oklahoma that makes Oklahoma more at risk for the cause of death than other states.

Demographics are characteristics of a population—such as age, sex, and race, plus other characteristics that describe the population.
Include data and statistics to support your discussion.
Use ratios (rate) or percentages for comparison.
State the demographic chosen.
Clearly compare the variances between aggregates in the demographic and include statistical data to support the discussion.
For example, the chosen demographic is \”income.\” Compare statistics of the various levels of income (aggregates) within the state.
In relation to the discussion in question 2 above, which aggregate within the demographic is most at-risk for the cause of death stated in Section 1?
State the most at-risk aggregate.
Discuss why the at-risk aggregate is at increased risk for the cause of death. Give rationales.
Section 3: Lifestyle risk factor and its impact on the health of the population

Instructions: Review this website: Healthy People 2020/2030 (http://www.healthypeople.gov) Select one lifestyle risk factor addressed in Healthy People 2020/2030 that specifically impacts the cause of death stated in Section 1.

Include data and statistics to support your discussion.
Use ratios (rate) or percentages for comparison.
State the one lifestyle risk factor chosen.
In relation to the risk factor, compare Oklahoma’s rate and the U.S. rate.
Discuss the differences.
How does the lifestyle risk factor influence/impact the cause of death?
Why is this a problem in Oklahoma?
State two Healthy People 2020/2030 objectives that target the lifestyle risk factor chosen in question 1 above. Use direct quotes for the chosen objectives. (Be sure to reference this)!
Discuss the progress towards each objective as described under the objective in HP2020.
Section 4: Current news article

Instructions: Find a current (within the last 30 days) news article regarding this health issue in Oklahoma. Read the article and bring a hard copy of the article to class for discussion (it can be from an electronic news source).

Be prepared to discuss the article in terms of how it impacts your community’s health.
Submit the news article to the dropbox OR submit a link to the article.