Demographics, Neighborhood/Safety, and Scavenger Hunt Assessment Tools

Demographics, Neighborhood/Safety, and Scavenger Hunt Assessment Tools
Demographics Assessment
1. Population of Sentinel City: 663,862
2. Age Percentage breakdown of the population of Sentinel City: Under 5 yrs old 7.4%; Under 18 yrs old
21.7%; 65 yrs old and over 10.5%
3. Race Percentage breakdown of population of Sentinel City: White alone 80.6%; Black/African
American 10.4%; American Indian & Alaska Native 2.0%; Asian 3.7%; Native Hawaiian & other Pacific
Islander 0.2%; Two or more races 3.1%; Hispanic or Latino 31.5%; White alone, not Hispanic or Latino 52.7%
4. Median Household Income of Sentinel City: $49, 091

Demographics, Neighborhood/Safety, and Scavenger Hunt Assessment Tools
5. Percentage of Sentinel City residents living below the poverty level: 18.9%
6. Population of each of the four neighborhoods:
Nightingale Square: 103,974
Acer Tech Center: 168,390
Casper Park District: 352,643
Industrial Heights: 38,855
7. Median Household Income of the four neighborhoods:
Nightingale Square: $269,550
Acer Tech Center: $166,300
Casper Park District: $80,134
Industrial Heights: $24,672
8. Percentage of non-insured residents in each of the four neighborhoods:
Nightingale Square: 0.7%
Acer Tech Center: 1.5%
Casper Park District: 22.7%
Industrial Heights: 37.5%
Neighborhood/Safety Assessment
1. Describe any safety hazards seen (i.e. pollution, stray animals, buildings in disrepair, etc.) Stray
dogs & cats on street, large amounts of garbage piled up on streets, rats seen, boarded up
windows on buildings, graffiti on buildings, abandoned broken down cars on street, concrete
street barriers, dirty and clustered grocery store
2. Summarize data related to drug use in the city. Drug & alcohol use, Alcohol 36% reported they
drink, 24% used tobacco, 12% marijuana, 5% cocaine, 10% methamphetamines, and 18% abuse
of prescription drugs.
3. What are the EMS response times? EMS 7.46 minutes, Fire Dept 6.33 minutes, Advance Life
Support 7.54 minutes
4. What types of crime are occurring in the area? Aggravated assault is most reported as robbery,
rape and murders (20) which were gang-related
5. Is there gang violence? Describe. Yes, there is gang violence and crimes including 20 homicides,
100 aggravated assaults, 38 simple assaults, and 40 robberies.
Scavenger Hunt
Describe the services offered by each of the following community resources. Summarize any other
pertinent data found at the site:

1. Parks and Recreation: Swimming lessons, Nutrition and Gardening Courses, Kids’ Summer
Programs, City Sports Leagues, Adult Fitness Courses and After School Programs
2. Healthcare System-Elderly Services: Senior Transportation, Service Animals, Meals on Wheels,
Elder Abuse Prevention Advocates, Community Centers, Government Entitlement Assistance,
Medical Care Advocates, Independent Senior Apartments, Nursing Home Units, Assisted Living
Units, Skilled Care Beds, Long-Term Care Beds, Swing-Beds, Senior Living Center Units
3. City Hall-Social Services: Adoption Assistance, Head Start and Early Start, Your Independent
Living Services, Stay at Home Programs, Child Care Providers, Subsidy Benefits, SNAP, WIC
4. Better Health Clinic (formerly Community Health Center): Contraceptive Services, Pregnancy
Testing/Counseling, Achieving Pregnancy, Basic Infertility Services, Preconception Health,
Sexually Transmitted Disease Services, Breast Cancer Screening, Cervical Cancer Screening,
Other Preventative Health Services
5. Soup Kitchen Serves 40K+ meals per month to the Sentinel City population with the majority being the Homeless population.
6. Affordable Housing Project: Provides Studio, 1- and 2-bedroom affordable housing units to
residents with an average income of $40,000

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