Defining Our Objectives In Libya

The author starts by taking an opportunistic stand on people protesting in their countries. However, he cites that the objectives for the wars and protests should be well defined. In this article, Boot (2011) says that the American government should have defined its objectives in Libya. This way, there would have been more positive outcome. Libya has experienced unrest over the Muammar el-Qaddafi rule since February 2011. He further cites that the Obama government should have defined these objectives in a way that was more extensive.

For instance, this is on the stand about the desire to have Qaddafi go.Boot says that state heads including Obama have not made an objective that is formal in the international coalition to have Qaddafi depart from power. This is despite the fact that these heads have talked that they do not desire to have Qaddafi in power. This then shows that they have not defined their objectives on the rule of Qaddafi. This would be so if the issue was formally focused on in the international coalition.

Reporting on the words of the Joint Chiefs chairman, Mike Mullen, the author says that there is a possibility of the war in Libya coming to a conclusion even without Qaddafi leaving power. Then this would imply that the Libyans fought a useless battle.The author argues that Qaddafi should not be allowed to stay in power since this would lead to a stalemate that is costly. Therefore, it is not sensible to have him remain while the people of Libya are suffering. The Obama government and other state heads can be termed as having a limited objective by not making it formal to have Qaddafi leave office.

According to Boot (2011), such limited objectives would only apply in other places for example Kosovo and Bosnia. This is because in these areas, the wars are as a means of seeking for separation and being independent from the central government. However, this is not the case with Libya. The fights are not a way of having the Eastern Libya republic carved out.These are rebels aimed at changing the Tripoli government. Further, the author argues that with Qaddafi still in power, the war will not stop. The American military has been helping in Libya. For instance, recent news show that following a second night of the European and American strikes against the forces of Qaddafi, the European nations have despised as claims that civilians in Libya have been killed.

This then clearly shows that the American military has taken part in Libya. That is why the author says that if Qaddafi stays in power, the resources of the American military will be put under pressure since they will have to offer help because of the expectation that the war will not end. This is draining resources which are not in high supply. It thus implies that the American military will experience adverse challenges.Qaddafi can not be said to rule one side of Libya. Then there would be no peace if the government endured half freedom and half slavery. This is something that the Obama government as well as other states should recognize and thus act fast.

This would be acting by committing themselves to helping the Libyan rebels in ending the era of Qaddafi rule. Better said it would be in throwing out Qaddafi. However, it is also important to prepare for the post-Qaddafi world.The author suggests that it would be good if plans were made for dispatching a force for peacekeeping to make sure that when Qaddafi leaves power, there would be no chaos in Libya. By saying that America should define its objectives in Libya, the author also hopes that there are underway plans for the Libya world after the departure of Qaddafi. This is despite the fact that the administration has not clearly articulated in the public the aims of war.

In this article, the author has employed some facts. For instance, he justifies his arguments that the objectives are not defined by saying that the Obama government has not made a formal objective to have Qaddafi leave office. The author concludes that there should be plans to have peacekeeping troops even after Qaddafi has departed. This is because, not all Libyans are against Qaddafi. Therefore, it would be expected that his supported due to the bad feeling of defeat may cause chaos. This is why plans are necessary to keep peace in the post-Qaddafi world.

Mad Scientists in the Laboratories of Democracy

States are democracy laboratories. However, this should not incite the imagination of scientific testing. This is only used as a metaphor to describe the states. It means that there are many operations that go on in the states. This is further made worse by the fact that these laboratories are managed by scientists who are mad. This means that there are sadists of the legislature who are seeking to go medieval. The author gives six examples of these. For instance, there is the anti-life pro-life act.

According to Sirota (2011), this is a bill that seeks to make the murder of those who provide for abortion legitimate. This shows that there is a justification of such like homicides.Since the rates of hunger and poverty have gone up, the profits of the corporate have as well. To respond to this, the Georgia legislature has cited that the inequity should be intensified by use of a bill. This is a bill that would lead to the creation of a food sales tax that is regressive and thus this would lead to the financing of the corporate tax cut. This is referred to as the let them eat corporate tax cuts act. There is also an act to demoralize the workforce.

According to this act, workers are threatened and forced to accept pension and pay cuts. This further prevents the collective bargaining of workers.There is also the act on child labor. This is a proposal to have the laws on child labor eliminated. This would then mean that children even less than 14 years of age can be employed and terminated anytime depending on the working hours. Further, these are not hours that the child is willing or capable to work but that she is forced to work for. The obesity and deficit encouragement act seeks to for the exemption of the exclusive taxes for soda. The US department of agriculture has said that soda would be taxed highly. This is because it is known to cause obesity and thus it is through raising the taxes that obesity will be cut down.

However, despite this, the republican house in Colorado is pushing to cut down these taxes on soda.The last act overlooks the fact that climate change is dangerous. For instance, it destroys supplies of water, forests and other industries. Despite these facts, the lawmakers in the republic of Montana are considering the option of approving a catastrophic global climate change. This is in addition to putting pressure on the elimination of requirements for education for the people who look for the state superintendent schools’ office. Global warming is widely known to be dangerous and have adverse effects.

Despite this, this bill which is refereed to as endorsing your own demise act argues that global warming will benefit the welfare and the climate of business in Montana.The author concludes by saying that these bills would eventually affect the whole nation. Though right now they are in specified states, as expected in the laboratory, replicas of the same would be created in other state and eventually the whole nation.

According to Sirota (2011) Americans should be led by people with ‘sane’ minds and it is only through this that these bills which he refers to as experiments would not get to control the people of America. Here, the author uses facts to deliver his message. For instance, these are bills that have been made and not just imaginations. Evidence is presented by explaining what the specific bills are about and going further to explain their negative effects. As the title suggests, these can be seen as mad scientists. This is because they are making experiments which will be harmful to the people of America.


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