DATA, assessment and plan

Elmi(Data) The practitioner and the interpreter met the client at his home for the first time. The purpose of the visit was to get in acquaintance with him and update on his goals related to his individual treatment plan. The client stated that he was working in his goals and that he wanted to continue working on them at this current time and not making any changing at this moment. The client mentioned that he wanted to go 24th mall to socialize with friend that could reduce his stress. The staff accompanied him to the mall to meet with friend to socialized and he role played with staff to walk couples of time around the apartment to improve in his mood. At the session client stated that he feels happy to reduce stress. (Assessment)He hdelighted for staff coming into his home to helped him socialized and meet with friend to manage a stress and not to be alone at home.

1. Omar)(DATA)Staff met with client this morning he complained of not having enough sleep last night and he went to bed late and has headache. He was asked what trigger the symptom of having sleepiness night? He told staff he drank coffee before bed time. Client was taught on a coping skill to sleep at the same time each night and get up at the same time each day; move from the bed when he not sleeping; calm down and rest in the period before sleep and don’t take in coffee before bed to reduce stress and good sleep. He did engaged in basic English words pronouncing and reading words such as going to sleep, I don’t want coffee, and I am eating to stimulate his mind and help reduce symptom of anxiety. Assessment) He seemed to have struggling with sleep when he drank coffee and difficulties to relax and learning barriers in English words such as pronunciation

(plan)continue working on interactive skill such basic reading pronouncing English words and exercise

2. Omar) Data) Staff met with client this afternoon to over his goal and implement therapeutic skills to manage his health symptoms. He was educated how to write basic English words pronouncing the phonic words such as I am going to the Mosque to pray, cooking, sleeping, eating to have confident building his skill, self esteem, and reduce language barriers as he visit friend in the community to improve socialization and reduce stress

Assessment) Client has difficulties with language barrier and he wants to communicate with friend within a community to help manage stress.

Plan) client will continue working on Exercising to improve on his mental health symptoms.

3. Yusuf)Data) Mental health Practitioner and the client identified one trigger symptom such as playing Somalia music that would benefit him when he has flashbacks to manage mental symptoms. He was also encouraged to be actively involved walking in the hallway in his building, walking upstairs down to help improve his cognitive mood and mental fatigue.

Assessment) client has struggling with flashback and want to exercise such as walking, listen to music and for relaxing his mind.

Plan) client will involve working on his exercise to promote healthy mind and reduce anxiety.

4. Osman(Data) Practitioner and Interpreter met with client at his home to elaborate on his therapeutic goal for him to understand the benefit and outcomes of what he will be taught through the intervention session. He was taught practicing his coping skill such as stress management skills to reduce stress in his daily life for maintaining overall good health, improve mood, promote productiveness and manage health symptoms. At the end of the session he was taught on deep breathing exercising inhaling and exhaling for relaxing of the mind.

Assessment) Client has difficulties with stress every day and need to learn more coping skill to reduce his anxiety level such as breathing technique.