Creating a Staffing Plan

Creating a Staffing Plan
You have just been hired as a unit manager for a 40-bed in-patient nursing unit. One of your first priorities is to create a staffing chart. However, first you will need to calculate your FTEs and salary costs. After analyzing the unit budget report, you find that the average daily census during the last fiscal year was 40 patients. Utilize the CN4003 Assessment Template document to complete your calculations and staffing chart.


CN4003 Assessment Template
Part I: Calculating RN Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)
As the manager, you have been asked to provide an RN staffing plan for a 40-bed in-patient nursing unit with an Average Daily Census
of 40. The proposed staffing ratio is 1:6 (1 nurse for each 6 patients per shift). Using the Nursing Hours Per Patient Day (NHPPD)
methodology, calculate the number of FTEs needed to staff the unit for a 14-day pay period. Use the information in the Welch and
Smith (2020) article to assist with your analysis.

1. Convert Nurse Patient Ratio to NHPPD.
2. Determine the nursing unit annual volume in patient days.
3. Determine total NHPPD for the previous year.
4. Determine number of FTEs needed to staff the unit.
5. Explain why the unit uses a particular staffing ratio and how that ratio is determined.
6. Explain whether other units in the same facility would have the same staffing ratio or different staffing ratios. Justify your

“The template is the course work that needs to be filled out for the assignment. I attached the rubric!”

Part II: Calculating Salary Costs
Based on the FTEs you calculated in Part I, calculate the salary cost for each nurse FTE using the hourly wage multiplied by 2,080
(number of hours worked per year), then add 30% to cover benefits. Use the following to make your calculations: RN salary: $32.50 per
hour + 30% for benefits = $42.25 per hour.
1. Determine the salary per year for one RN FTE.

2. Calculate the total salary costs for the entire RN staff to determine your initial professional staff budget for the entire year.
3. Explain the importance of budgeting when making staffing decisions.

Part III: Creating a Staffing Chart for 4 North Day Shift
Using the FTEs you have determined you need in Part 1, create a staffing plan for a 14 day pay period for the 4 North day shift.
(Remember that a nurse who works 72 hours per pay period is a 0.9 FTE; 48hrs/week is a 0.6 FTE; and 24hrs/week is a 0.3 FTE.)
4 North Schedule  FT

E Sun Mo
u Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat

Day Shift 7a-7p
Example RN 0.9 X X X X X X
K. Barnes RN
H. Keller RN
J. Jones RN
A. Hills RN
D. Scott RN
S. Guyan RN
J. Williams RN
Z. David RN
M. Williamson RN
P. Webb RN
D. Carey RN
(Add or delete RNs as needed)