Conceptual Framework in Nursing


            A conceptual framework is an approach to ideas or thoughts and the most probable criteria which can be used exhibit the details. The frameworks act as maps to the proposed subject such that the route or path which will be followed by the researcher as they go about the usual stages of research work. In this essay the article “Attributes of spiritual care in nursing practice” by Rick Sawatzky and Barbara Pesut will be used to demonstrate the incorporation of the theoretical framework in the nursing article. This article will be used to evaluate ways of guiding research projects using the conceptual framework.


Introducing the conceptual framework used in research article

The article “Attributes of spiritual care in nursing practice” uses an explanation purpose of the various research techniques demonstrated in the articles bid to explain the holistic nature of spiritualism in nursing practice. Consequently, it falls under the descriptive categories of the conceptual frameworks hence giving the reader a vivid view of the spiritual attributes of the nursing practice (Sawatzky and Pesut, 2005).

Descriptive conceptual frameworks are quite applicable in the article as it generates an interest of the reader into the various concepts of the theoretical conceptual framework. We can also identify the selfless nursing model in the article as it is indicated that for a nurse to effectively provide adequate nursing care during her/his practice, the element of being selfless in the various approaches is essential. According to Polit and Tatano (2004), after identifying the framework and purpose of the article in the nursing field, the methodologies, as well as, the statistical aspect of the researcher are easily identified.

Evaluating how framework guides the research project and/relates to instruments of study

The descriptive category of the conceptual framework is used determine the nature of approach that is applauded by the article. This includes the incorporation of various aspects of the study such as adopting an explanation method of identifying the relationship between the scientific, religious and existential approach to nursing. For each of the dimensions of selfless nursing...




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