Computerized medical records

Computerized medical records Write an essay in response to one of the following:
Electronic health records (EHRs) are easier to read than paper charts, but many people complain that doctors and nurses spend too much time looking at the computer screen instead of the patient.
Is this because of a lack of skill or training, a poorly designed computer system, or the way computer charts work?
Is the care of patients getting worse because of EHRs?
Charting in an EHR means clicking boxes. Do you think this gives enough information about the patient, their condition, and what happened if there were a lawsuit?

Computerized medical records
Hebda, Hunter, and Czar (2019) list three kinds of data that organizations are currently keeping track of: (p. 46).
Name and explain another type of data that is being tracked by an organization that is related to your practice.
Why do you think it’s important to track this information?
Find the organization that is keeping track of the data and talk about it.
Is it unethical for an outside organization to keep track of this information? Explain and give some examples.
In this week’s discussion post, you say what topic you chose for the project and why.
Based on what others have said in the discussion forum, describe the topic you chose. What is your project, why does it matter to you, and how does it relate to this class?
Find a theory about informatics or healthcare on pages 29 and 30 that fits with the project and explain why.
Expectations for the assignment-

Length of this assignment is a total of 1500 words.

Structure: Use APA style and make sure you have a title page and a reference page. These do not count toward the assignment’s minimum word count. All APA papers should have a beginning and an ending.

References: Cite and reference all sources you used to answer the questions in the correct APA format. Include at least three (3) academic sources to back up what you say.

#Conclusion paragraph
Several different theories are system theory, change theory, learning theory

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