CN4004: Data-driven Nursing Interventions

CN4004: Data-driven Nursing Interventions
For this Performance Task Assessment, you will analyze a quarterly dashboard to find areas where improvement is needed, then develop a presentation that details your plan for how performance can be improved.
Submission Length: 9 PowerPoint slide presentation.[Title and Reference slides not counted]


Access the following to complete this Assessment:

*Dashboard Sample. [ see attached file]
*Quality Outcomes Dashboard Sample [see attached file]
*Performance Improvement Plan Template [ see attached file]

Read each of the items below to complete this assessment.

Scenario: The nursing manager at your clinic has asked you to review the quarterly dashboard and look for areas where improvement is needed. She would like you to present your findings during the next staff meeting. You have decided to prepare a PowerPoint presentation.

Part I: Analysis of the Dashboard [file attached]
Review the sample quarterly dashboard, which contains a variety of clinical and administrative indicators. Look for areas where there is good performance and areas where performance could be improved. Select one of the performance areas that needs improvement as the focus of your presentation

Part II: Performance-Improvement Plan
Based on your analysis of the dashboard, develop a performance-improvement plan based on evidence-based practice. Use a minimum of three references from the professional literature. Remember that you will be presenting your findings during a staff meeting, so keep your presentation between 9 and 13 slides. Include the following slides in your presentation:

Title slide
Explain the quality indicators used in the dashboard (1–2 slides)
Analysis of the data (4–5 slides)
Analyze the purpose of the dashboard.
Explain what is needed to create a dashboard.
Analyze the dashboard and describe areas that need improvement and areas where performance is good.
Describe the findings from the dashboard.
Explain why these areas were selected for indicating performance improvement.
Performance improvement plan (3–5 slides)
Outline a performance improvement plan on the selected indicator. Be sure to include a minimum of three evidence-based practices that could be implemented to improve performance.
Explain how each suggestion could address the selected performance indicator.
Support each selected practice suggestion with references from the professional literature.
Summary (1 slide)