Clinical Practice Experience (CPE) task

Clinical Practice Experience (CPE) task STEP 2
• Research the CMS HRRP (
• Briefly discuss the elements and criteria used for the CMS HRRP conditions/procedures payment reduction plan for readmissions within 30 days of discharge.
• Develop/propose a Care Transition Plan for the patient with the condition or procedure that you chose for your CPE.

Clinical Practice Experience (CPE) task
o Incorporate individual, social determinants, community, system-level, and condition/procedure specific considerations with emphasis on interventions and initiatives to prevent readmission within 30 days of discharge.

PHASE 2: Identifying EBP for the Prevention of Hospital Readmission

• Research the evidence-based practices for effectively transitioning patients from the hospital (& rehabilitation unit) to home with the specific focus on preventing all-cause hospital readmission. Utilize your textbooks, online resources, and other sources as needed.
• Discuss evidence-based practices focused on preventing all-cause hospital readmissions.
• Incorporate individual, community, system, and social determinants of health considerations that impact all-cause readmission and how to prevent them.
PHASE 3: Development of a Hospital Prevention Plan

• Based on research, create an extension of the HRRP that focuses on successfully preventing hospitalization through primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention methods.
• Initiatives should incorporate individual, social, community, system-level, and condition/procedure-specific considerations.

This is a CPE I will be uploading to my Portfolio. You do not need to complete and charts or timelines I will do this. I included some files to explain the parts I am doing and you will only do 2, 3, and 4 which are estimated at 1-2 pages, but I am anticipating 2 pages each. Use the links and resources the instructor gives in the file CPE instructions.

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