Clinical and Management Tracts

Title: Clinical and Management Tracts


In this week, you will focus on the opportunities in the clinical versus management tracts.


Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research the clinical and management tracts for nursing advancement.




Based on your research, complete the following tasks as a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document:


•Discuss at least three advancement opportunities you have as a professional nurse with a BSN.


•Compare the opportunities in the clinical versus management tracts.


•Describe the track that you will choose to pursue and provide reasons for your choice.


Use APA 6th Edition when formatting your assignment. (SEE Below)




Assignment 3 Grading Criteria




  1. Identified and explained at least three advancement opportunities for nurses with a BSN.




  1. Compared the opportunities in the clinical versus management tracts.




  1. Stated the track you wish to pursue and explained with reasons why you choose that track.




APA format :




1. Running head- Page 1. The running head should be flush left on all pages. On page one it should be typed in the following way (The words Running head are used) :








Page 2 and following the running head should be typed not using the words, “Running head.” The following is how the running head should be typed:








2. Paragraph indentions should be 5-7 spaces. Margins should be 1″ on all sides. APA papers are doubled spaced.




3. A title is required on page 2. The title is not bolded.   Do not use the word, “Introduction.”  The title should be the same as the running head.




4. Headings should identify required key points. Level 1 headings are centered and bolded. Level 1 headings identify the topic to be discussed. Level 2 headings are flush left and bolded. Level 2 headings discuss subtopics under the Level 1 topic. If you use Level 2 headings there must be at least two. Review Levels of Headings on page 62-63 on APA 6th Edition




5. Retrieval dates in references are not used in APA 6th Edition




6. First person should not be used unless permission is given. Use, “The writer, the author, or make a statement like, “According to the Webster Dictionary a better choice of words would be. . ..




7. An introduction is required. An introduction should identify the key points to be discussed.  This information can be found in the instructions and grading rubric.  The last couple of sentences should state something like, “The author will discuss. . . .




8.  A conclusion is required  A conclusion is required to summarize the key points that were discussed.  No new information should be discussed in the conclusion.




9.   All references are required to be cited within the text and all citations are required to be referenced on the Reference Page.




10. Websites should not be blue in color. Right click on the website and select, “remove hyperlink” and the blue color will disappear.




11. Please review pages 41-59 of the APA 6th Edition and the Sample Paper I posted in Doc Sharing.