Character analysis paper

Character analysis paper
The assignment is written in APA style format & supported with professional citations and references.
CHARACTER ANALYSIS GRADING (based on the following):
1. Compelling reasoned and documented position statement of the character (and from which movie), including why you chose this character. (20 points)
2. Contain at least 3-5 references from professional journals or articles. (20 points)

Character analysis paper
3. Thorough explanation of your view/thoughts in the body of your paper – which would be the case study (30 points)
4. Final statement summarizing your own thoughts and reasons for your conclusion (i.e. the diagnosis and recommendations). (20 points)
5. APA style format with citations and references as well as reference page (10 points)

Choose one out of these movies for your character analysis (please email me your choice as soon as you make it – thank you):
*Please keep in mind some movies are darker than others
The movie I selected is name Flight starring Denzel Washington

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