Certainty of Fear

This essay on Certainty of fear is about discussing my fear of searching for a new job. There are three main things which are involved in searching for a new job. These aspects are learning a new job, attending a job interview, and beginning a new job. My greatest fear is searching for a new job.There are a lot of things which are   involved at the beginning of each job. For example adhering to the conduct of conduct in the new work station, which involves being on time, wearing the right outfit and worrying of the consequences involved when one fails.

It is exciting to start a new job in a new environment because it is like being in a new home. A new job can be likened to a new friend or a third nature. A new job also comes along with great optimism and hope.One sees a new job as a way to solve his problems and to be able to adequately provide for his own needs. All these expectations and requirements that come along with job interviewing makes my heart to beat faster, my mouth to be so dry and my hands feel clammy. I at the same time know that I have to be confident and relaxed.

All these thoughts make me wonder if I am to go through a torture session or a job interview.Attending a job interview calls for one to have a lot of a lot of thinking skills which will enable him or her to know what is expected of him n terms of code of dressing and mannerism . One has to have well prepared for the job interview by rehearsing in front of genuine friend or   alone in front of the mirror. One should put in mind a job interview is a gateway to getting into that dream job which one can work for until he or she retires.Relaxation can be achieved by preoccupy the mind with positive things like reading through an interesting magazine as you await your time to get into the interview room.

One also has to ask himself or herself questions like, what can I loose if I do not get the job? Will the world stop moving when I don’t get this job? And what other worse thong that could happen? These are the questions which make me to be positive minded. However, another voice will be telling me that I have to pay bills, and I need the money to make my dream of furthering my education to come true. This is the point which is feel so desperate for the job and I want to cry aloud to the interviewers to please hire me.

However, I cannot because I know they will be so shocked. I handle this stress through taking a deep breath in a shallow and deliberate manner. This technique helps me to relax and slow down my breathing process. Also the time before the interview I make sure I do yoga exercises and mediate in a quite place. These techniques are helpful especially when I have too much anxiety and fear for the job interviewLearning a new skill is about undertaking job training, going to school or doing courses, and preparing for many challenges ahead of your career in your life time.

Learning new skill also incorporates building on the already learned knowledge and adding new ones. Many people handle fear in different ways. Some overcome fear while others do not. The fear of learning a new skill comes about when someone lacks the   confidence in a given taught are. This makes the person to have doubt and to fear the embarrassment and humiliation when he or she does not manage to internalize the elements of a given skill. This will make the individual to be embarrassed and feel incompetent. These are the resultant aspects associated with elf –doubt which interfere with ones an ability to achieve his or her given set goals.

Self-doubt and fear are aspect s which a come from the mind they are voices which tell us that the new skill is a difficult task, that we cannot succeed in learning them and   other people have been defeated to learn the skill, then who are we to make it. When one listens to these voices a person will easily surrender even before the learning process starts.I do experience this fear of learning new skills which has made to be stuck in only the things I know because I am confident in this area. I am taken afraid of   attending other courses so that I can be able to learn new skills.

The fear of learning new skills or even having self-doubt leads us to miss the life opportunities which we can attain. This is because in our minds we have predicted that we are not worth the good things in life and this makes us not even to try anything new. This fear also makes people not to undertake even the slightest risks of their lives.   And we discount situations and people who can help us attain our goals. This fear and self   doubts are the aspects which are in my mind (Gray, 1995). I lived in a home which I heard that people like us do not become successful in life.

Even when I joined my kindergarten class, I heard my class teacher telling my father that I was a slow learner and this made me to be placed in the slow learners class. I have fear exploiting my potentials in terms of learning new skills. Even my parents thought that after I complete my educate\ion I   would become a social worker or something related. However, I managed to prove them wrong by making it to the university and specializing in science degree course.

Beginning a new job is also one of my fears. After I have gone through the job interview and in have succeeded, I get very nervous despite my excitement of being chosen for a given post. I am clouded with the thoughts of what if I do not do many jobs to the expected standards, how I am supposed to behave in front of my supervisors and what if they decide to fire you. Simplify being a new kid on the block is often a stressful thing for me even when I was in school. This is because all eyes are on you and they are all expecting me to prove my ability.

Starting a job is a difficult accordance because apart from learning new things, I am expected to quickly get into the general system of the new workplace without causing much drama.In conclusion Certainty of Fear is everybody that needed to go through with. Some people are able to overcome fear and anxiety while others find it difficult. Fear is something which is our minds and it always has a negative consequence in our life. Fear and self doubt go hand in hand in making us to miss out from our potential and the opportunities which are there for us. Whether is your first job, first interview, or learning a new thing, it is certain that the only thing to fear is itself.


Gray, J (1995) The psychology of fear and stress, Publisher CUP Archive, pp 243