In the recent past, we have had a significant increase in the number of burglaries in my local community. This has informed the concerted efforts by both the law enforcement agencies as well as the local community members to come together and propose solutions on how to stem the trend before it gets out of hand. In a span of three weeks, we have had two burglaries with the first incident involving the theft of a distinctive three carat gold ring from an elderly lady’s residence and the second involving the theft of cash and blank cheques at a locals community centre.

In this text, I explore the various efforts which can be undertaken to stem the trend which is threatening to stem out of control. Here, I concern myself with approaches such as the use of the community surveillance cameras, citizen patrol, revamping the communal lighting system as lastly undertaking sensitization seminars on how to avoid becoming a victim of burglary.

The use of the community surveillance cameras

In the modern day and age, surveillance cameras have come in handy as far as the aversion of theft is concerned. This is more so in urban centers where the use of surveillance cameras has become a veritable deterrence for would-be burglars. Some of the places where the use of surveillance cameras is commonplace include malls, departmental stores, office buildings, university campuses, apartment buildings as well as government premises.

However, the success of the surveillance cameras has also prompted their utilization on the streets as well as other strategic positions in major cities. This is an approach that can be adopted in my community to bring down instances of burglary. In this case, the local authorities in collaboration with members of the community could contribute towards a common kitty for the purchase and maintenance of surveillance equipment. The installation of surveillance cameras in this case could be done in residential houses, office blocks as well as other discreet locations for purposes of monitoring the goings-on around the area on a 24hour basis.

I am certain that if this approach is adopted, would-be burglars would be deterred from committing and theft as their activities would be monitored together with their identities hence prompting their immediate arrest. It is however important to note that this approach could motivate dissenting views from those who hold the opinion that such a move would be an assault on their privacy. However, the issue here is what the greater good is. In that regard, the safety of members of the community is the greater good.

Citizen patrol and surveillance

This could take the form of a group of community members taking turns to patrol the community streets during the night so as to ensure that the police are alerted in due course of any suspicious behavior. Indeed, one of the greatest deterrents to crime is a significant neighborhood presence. It is also important to note that the citizen patrol approach could also take the form of surveillance. This includes ensuring that each member of the community takes as his own individual duty to notify law enforcement agencies of any suspicious characters around the neighborhood.

Dissenting views to this approach may be that neighborhood patrols as well as constant surveillance activities are a responsibility or preserve of the law enforcement agencies. This is however a distortion of facts given the fact that the war on crime can never be one sided. That is, without the concerted efforts of both the police and members of the community, the aversion of burglary in my community could end up being an exercise in futility.

Revamping the community lighting system

For quite a while, nothing much has been done to ensure that the lighting in the community is revamped in keeping up with the various infrastructural changes that have occurred over time. The existing street lighting system in the community was put in place close to two decades ago while over time, various infrastructural changes including but not limited to new footpaths and new buildings have been established.

This has shrouded some neighborhoods in semi-darkness making it easier for burglars to access private property noticed. Hence in that regard, there is a dire need to install a number of lampposts in areas that are largely vulnerable to instances of burglary. While this initiative may have a downside as far as the costs involved are concerned, efforts to petition the central government to allocate some funds towards the completion of the project may bear fruit.

Sensitization seminars

These remain the easiest and most cost effective approach towards averting burglary. Here, well meaning groups could come together and educate members of the community on strategies which can be utilized to eliminate the issue of burglary. This includes strategies such as ensuring that all doors are locked including that of the garage, enhancement of the compound lighting system, reporting any suspicious behavior etc. Though this approach may seem to shift the cost burden of security on residents, it may go a long way to frustrate any attempts made by burglars to access private property and hence make a significant contribution towards ridding the neighborhood of burglars.


In conclusion, it may be noted that the war against burglary cannot be won without the concerted efforts of both members of the community and the law enforcement agencies. Hence, each group in this case must make significant sacrifices which include playing its own role when it comes to thye aversion of burglary attempts.