Binge Drinking as a Behavioral Risk Factor

Binge Drinking as a Behavioral Risk Factor

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Binge Drinking as a Behavioral Risk Factor

After reading that Binge Drinking was a choice of risk factors, my first thought was of a guy I met in college when I obtained my first undergraduate degree. He was a junior when I was a freshman. We were not close, but I considered him a friend. My friend devised a system to study and excel in his classwork that enabled him to binge drink as well. He would study intensely during the first part of the week until 11 PM on Thursday night. When asked if he wanted to join our group for flag football or some other extra-curricular activity, he would always give the same reply, “Nope. I’m saving it for the weekend, baby!” Come 11 PM on every Thursday night, he put his textbooks away. Then, he would shower, dress to go out, and commence to binge drinking. He would party all weekend. Unless he was sick, this was his routine week in and week out. He could consume massive amounts of alcohol from Thursday night through Sunday evening. Our group of friends affectionately referred to him as “Brainiac” during the week and “Maniac” on the weekends.