Effectively terminating therapy

Effectively terminating therapy
Please look at my attachments to help guide you as you write the last part of my paper. I have included a sample paper to help you. I have also included due dates weekly as I will be needing subsequent portions of the manual due each week. The Final PART (Final Stage) of my paper is due and should include the following:
Consider the following questions as you draft Sessions 7 and 8 focusing on Stage 5, the Final Stage (see Assignment 14.1: Group Manual).

Effectively terminating therapy

• How you would you effectively terminate therapy with your group?
• What are some interventions you might employ during termination? Address some functions or problems that group members might encounter and some functions or obstacles you as group leader might encounter. How would you address these issues for members and for yourself?

• How will you evaluate your group? What type of follow-up will you provide to group members?

• Draft a tool for your group members to complete at the beginning and at the end of your group to evaluate the effectiveness of the group experience. You must develop this tool yourself. Include a description of the tool and how you will present it in one of the sessions in your paper, with the tool itself as an appendix. (This is the second required tool for the manual.)

Write a double-spaced paper with a minimum of three references (two of which are scholarly) in APA format.

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