Arguing A Position

In the society today, there are so many situations that affect the society and that generally call for attention in order to improve the life of the society as a whole. This paper focuses on the importance of embracing hobbies within a given society. In this case, the society must be in the front line in encouraging and promoting the exploitation of hobbies, interests and talents across the people of all gender and ages.

This is purely because when properly exploited, hobbies can play an important role in shaping people’s characters. It is also clear that when people embrace hobbies and use their leisure time in such interesting occupations they tend to remain active and are made to forget the worries, stresses and boredom of life. Lastly, embracing hobbies is important in bringing added joy and happiness to one’s life and hence a good way to relieve one from stresses

One way through which the society should promote hobbies is through the establishments of relaxation centers like society libraries, social facilities like playing fields and other amenities that will encourage people to divert their attention from their daily work lives. In this case, hobbies will enable people to shape their characters by making them engage in activities like reading books, writing articles, horse riding, and painting (Lluch p.82). With such activities some people will develop professions like being artists and painters and will end up earning some incomes and sometimes receiving awards and rewards in association with such hobbies.

Other people may engage in indoor activities like watching TV, nursing the poor and the sick which in the long run will enable them shape up to such activities whenever they have some leisure time. It is clear that from such activities, hobbies will not be a waste of time but an opportunity to help people identify interesting occupations which can help in shaping up their personality (Lluch p.85).Another reason why the society should encourage hobbies is in making people remain active and to drive away instances of boredom, and worries in life (Lluch p.62).

For the majority of people working with tension, engaging in a hobby will definitely help in controlling their blood pressure and making them feel relaxed and at ease with life. In addition, since hobbies are adventurous and full of new discoveries, they tend to make people remain active eliminating any little chance for boredom and enabling one focuses their attentions on the hobbies hence people tend to forget all about their worries be it at home or in the work place (Lluch 109).

In today’s world, work is overwhelming and it is only right for individuals to understand there is more to life than that and try and engage in activities they enjoy doing at their own free time to help ease the pressure and the tension of the prevailing work environment.Lastly, the society should be in the front line in encouraging and promoting hobbies since hobbies make the quality of life grow through the creation of joy and happiness instances in life (Lluch p.92). Psychologists state that in the accomplishment of a hobby, one feels a strong sensation of fulfillment and this fulfillment results to happiness.

Happiness is the main psychological point to the lives on people in any particular society. When in possession of it, one feels satisfied and so good while people become more compassionate and creates in them a feeling of being both physically and emotionally healthier (Lluch p.92). With satisfaction attainment in hobbies, the outcomes at people’s workplaces will also be satisfactory a condition that will result to improved performance as well as high quality results at work

. In this regard, the satisfaction will be material, money spiritual and a benefic feeling. Furthermore, the desire to succeed in accomplishment of a hobby, people will develop skills connected to this hobby by fully utilizing their brain.Hobby is something besides spending time with families, and in the workplace. It is aimed at encouraging people to engage in certain activities that will focus their attention and energy to its accomplishment.

To discover one’s hobby, the society is needed to encourage individuals in what they do by providing the necessary amenities and facilities that are necessary to promote these hobbies. There should not be any bias in the promotion of hobbies in societies since to both the young and old; hobbies have great benefits that neither can be forfeited. Happiness attained from accomplishment of hobbies is fundamental in the lives of people in any society as it in helping them achieve many other personal goals and ambitions.

To some extent it creates professions for some individuals making them earn income and become independent in life. A society with hobbies embraces has few or no idle people to contemplate on evil or irresponsible behaviors since most of them are active and focused their energies in the completion of such hobbies. In addition, such societies have little or no talents lost as people are encouraged to remain involve themselves in activities they enjoy doing hence minimizing boredom.


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