Annotated Bibliography: Electronic Health Records

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 set the goal of creating electronic health records for Americans by the year 2014. As Health Information Management professionals, it is important to understand the goals identified with adopting the electronic health record (EHR), advantages and disadvantages, along with concerns and benefits felt by the public.


For this written assignment, you will research the following three topics and select two resources for each topic:


  • Goals identified by our government with the adoption of the electronic health record
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the electronic health record
  • Concerns and benefits of the public with adoption of the electronic health record


Use the resources you find to create an annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography should be onepage in length and must include at least two resources. You will need to use at least one professional journal article


Be sure to address all 3 topics and provide 2 resources (ie, articles) for each topic.


Your annotated bibliography will then result in Topic #1 with 2 resources; Topic #2 with 2 resources; Topic #3 with 2 resources.