A Strict Upbringing

 Whenever we closed school, my mother would force me to join her at her workplace. She worked as a supervisor at a local food mart. I was envious of my friends who would tour other countries and go for vacations. Whereas my friends returned to schools with stories of their adventures, I had nothing to say. Many times, I cooked up stories lying to my friends that I also had an excellent holiday. My mother raised me single handedly ensuring that I received all the needs that I ever wanted. Her determination to drag me along to work was furnaced by her desire to show me how hard she worked to grant me the ideal life.

However, as a teenager, I failed to see this and often reminded her that I was still a minor. I reminded her that her actions related with child labor as I busy helping her complete her responsibilities at the food mart rather than having fun like my age mates.  However, my mother was a strong woman, not easily convinced to change her mind especially based on the flimsy excuses that her teenage daughter was giving her. My lifestyle did not allow me to make many friends. When schools were open I would stay in school the whole day and in the evening, I would volunteer in adult English teaching classes.

When schools were closed, I spent hours at my mother’s workplace. Holidays were uncommon, and when they came, they would be pre-planned. For instance, my mother would take me to Hawaii if I promised to perform well and by the end of the semester actually perform well. Frequent visits to my grandmother were also common as she lived in the next town. My mother also ensured that I had all the essential things I needed to lead a comfortable life.

Extravagant necessities so as to keep with societal trends were never given to me for free. For instance, if I needed to purchase a pair of gorgeous boots I had seen at the mall, my mother would ensure that I earned that money. She would engage me in basic chores such as washing the car and cleaning the kitchen before giving me the money. My mother also never allowed me to go out with friends unless she personally met these friends. She also had a curfew (11pm) that I had to adhere to whenever I went out. My mother appeared to be extremely strict and, in fact, the few friends I had avoided her. My mother was known to reprimand any of my friends if she found them in any comprising situation that she did not approve.

Looking back I think is did not get to enjoy my childhood as normal children. The opportunity to be a child and play and learn was not granted to me. I was disgruntled for many years, but today I realize that my mother prepared me for the competitive world where only the fittest survive. In my high school years, I took up a job as a teller in a neighboring store. This job provided me with an occasion to earn a few coins and become a little independent. I did request my mother cash for personal expense because I was already earning some on my own.

Looking back, I realized that my mother grew in me a sense of independence and self-worth. A strong woman, according my mother, is one who is able to single handedly manage her own life. My mother relied on this principle as her guiding mantle. She did not believe on the theory that everything can be given on a single platter. She believed that success only came with those who put effort.

Over time, I came to realize the importance of my mother principle of life. The lifestyle she provided enabled me have a different perspective at life. Other than flowing with the trend that society provided, I sort opportunities. For instance, I personally visited my ideal college in my senior year to place an admission request. The principle, impressed with my determination and life focus assured me of admission. When I joined college, I had saved enough money from the cashier job and with a little boost from my mother; I opened my own food mart.

The food mart was an excellent idea as it raked in profits allowing me to expand it further. I, however, continued with my education leaving my mother to manage the business. For me, the sky is the limit as I intend to achieve all my goals before I turn 35. My life has not been rosy like most children, but my mother upbringing molded me to be with character and focus in life. Success only comes to those who desire its and according to my mother; I am successful because I put effort and not because I deserve it. To-date, I appreciate my mother for raising me in such a strict manner. The strict upbringing molded me to be a go-getter, and I desire to adopt the same strategies when raising my children.