A nursing essay discussing Life & Faith in the Rest of the NT. Life/Faith in the New Testament

A nursing essay discussing Life & Faith in the Rest of the NT. Life/Faith in the New Testament

There have been disparities between religious faith and science that have existed for a long time, with each presenting conflicting views. Science has a specific account for the origin of life, the evolution of humans, and the occurrence of daily events explained in several theories. On the other hand, the bible has universal origins in all life. It is attributed to a higher power that plays a role in our lives and how we go about it. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of unseen events. We can act and do great things or overcome situations because we have faith in a better life and tomorrow.

The assurance of faith of things hoped for, and conviction of unseen is faith. Life does not have to be how we imagined it should, but instead, we should trust in God, for He is all-knowing and everywhere in each situation we come across. Faith goes beyond reasons and senses, which may yield uncertainty of all we hope for, but they have yet to be seen or materialized. It is a willingness to trust and rely unconditionally upon God. It is by faith that Abraham obeyed the command of God. He went to an unknown place where inheritance was promised to leave behind family and friends (Heb 11:8). Abraham’s wife Sarah believed that God would give her a son despite her advanced age because He fulfilled His promises.

Noah had faith which led him to build an ark when God warned him concerning unseen floods. He constructed an ark to save his entire household from impending destruction while everyone else ignored the warnings. His actions led him to condemn the world and become the heir of righteousness (Heb 11:12). Abel’s sacrifice was deemed more acceptable than the sacrifice of Cain (Heb 11:4). He received approval, and God bore witness to his gifts as righteous, and although he died, his faith still speaks to us. This shows us the value of eternity and that our faith cannot necessarily be rewarded on earth.



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