Evolutionary theory Existential-humanistic theory

Evolutionary theory Existential-humanistic theory

Include responses to the following prompting questions in your paper, and reflect upon what you have learned about personality this week:What are the key themes of each theory?

What are the personality components of each theory?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of each theory?

Provide both personal examples and research citations to support your answer. The paper, written in APA format, must include a minimum of 2 scholarly sources.

Imagine that you have been asked by the head of your company to participate as a member of a panel. You will discuss ways to interact more effectively with coworkers of differing personalities. The panel will be presenting their ideas and leading a discussion on this topic at an upcoming conference. As a panel participant, you are asked to identify the ways that environment, culture, biology, and temperament may influence individuals and their interactions with others in the workplace. You will prepare a written paper that supports your panel discussion. The paper will include the most relevant points that you want to share at the conference.

Understanding Personality: Define your understanding of personality characteristics and the unique cultural, biological, environmental, behavioral, and psychological impacts that shape individual personalities.

Personality Theories: Explain the major personality theories (i.e., psychoanalytic, neo-analytic, trait, biological, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, and existential).

Applications and Recommendations: Include a synthesis of the research, readings, and study in this course, and provide applications for interacting more effectively with coworkers of differing personalities.

The assignment should be written in APA format (including the cover page and reference page). The Key Assignment draft must include a minimum of 6 scholarly sources.