210 Best Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

210 Best Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

You have to write a medical persuasive speech but have no idea the topic to choose. Worry not. This guide highlights the best 200 medical persuasive speech topics you can write about in your academic assignment.

As a medical student, you have to write speeches regularly in college. Your professor can provide a topic or ask you to find medical persuasive speech topics to write about. Many students find it challenging to choose the best topics to grab the attention of their professors.

With this guide, you do not have to worry anymore about medical persuasive speech topics to use. Before looking at the issues, it is essential to understand the definition and the features of the best medical persuasive speech topics.

What is a medical persuasive speech?

A medical persuasive speech is a type of writing intended to convince the audience in the medical field to adopt a particular perspective. The aim is not easily attainable, and the success of the speech is measured by the capability to convince the audience to take a specific stand.

Features of good medical persuasive speech topics

In all likelihood, you could create a compelling, instructive medical persuasive speech on any topic. Finding a fascinating subject, however, that will attract a crowd and be illuminating enough to make your point is a difficult line to navigate.

Consider it similar to drafting a research report. You must establish a focus. It must be focused enough to suit a speech while allowing you to access reputable sources and relevant information.

As your audience will have to attempt to comprehend your speech if it diverges in various directions, this is also crucial for organization and structure. To determine an aspect or a perspective for your issue using the 5 Ws of a problem-solving skills, consider the following, according to Lumen Learning:

– Who is affected by your topic or problem?
– Why is this subject significant? What drives the exploration of it?
– What is the most crucial argument or point of view?
– What regions of the globe does the topic affect, or where is it located?
– When was/is this topic discussed? Is time a crucial component?


This is an essential feature of good medical persuasive speech topics. Choose a topic that is not very common to avoid the debate areas that have already been exhausted. To come up with unique issues, try researching new and trending topics.

Should be interesting

Finding good medical persuasive speech topics can be challenging since you want to be unique and engaging while providing your audience with enough information. A medical speech might quickly lose its interest or become dull.

When choosing medical persuasive speech topics, ensure you select an interesting topic for you and your audience. Consider areas that you love most in the field of medical research. Ensure that the subject is realistic in complexity and magnitude. To find an exciting topic, you should conduct thorough research and consider your audience’s preferences.

Choose a topic that appeals to your audience

When choosing a speech topic for your medical paper, keep your audience in mind. Consider the experiences and knowledge of your audience to deliver your speech effectively. Selecting appealing topics will lead to composing an excellent medical persuasive speech.


One of the most crucial characteristics of compelling medical persuasive speech topics is this. It requires ensuring that your presentation topic is appropriate for the occasion. Regardless of how entertaining the ideas for persuasive speeches could be, they must be suitable for the occasion. For instance, persuasive speech topics on diabetes might not be appropriate for an event on autism.

Use simple language

Your topic or issue must be appropriate for the listeners you are addressing. For instance, in a beginner-level lesson, you should be careful not to use too much scientific or technical jargon that your audience won’t comprehend when discussing a recent scientific discovery. Regardless of the topic you’re writing about, the most common and fastest method of losing your audience’s interest is to employ excessive jargon or niche-specific language.

Get facts right

When you give a medical speech to a crowd, you assist them in learning more about a particular issue by providing details and facts about it. As a result, you must ensure the information you provide comes from dependable, accurate, and authoritative sources. Begin brainstorming and list anything you can think of that relates to your theme. Then, make an effort to address any gaps using research.

To ensure that you’re developing a unique and convincing opinion that won’t mislead anyone, adhere to textbooks, reports, research, scholarly journal articles, and other peer-reviewed resources. Verify your sources for bias.

Don’t rely on resources from a vegan blog, for instance, if you’re producing an educational speech about the effects of the meat business on the environment. Use scientific and technical studies that offer precise, verifiable information that isn’t distorted by personal prejudice or point of view.

When evaluating the integrity and dependability of a resource for persuasive essay topics medical field, use the CARS Checklist:

– C – Credibility (verify the author’s background and the reliability of the sources they cite)

– A – Accuracy (search for comprehensive facts and entire information, and make sure there are no gaps)

– R – Reasonableness (search for a fair, valid argument that’s not opinion-biased)

– S – Support (verify reader comments and any endorsements publicly disclosed by other subject-matter experts)

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics:

Ready to take on the challenge? Below, you’ll find an extensive compilation of 200 medical persuasive speech topics tailored to specific subjects. Carefully curated, these topics offer diverse perspectives, approaches, and contentious aspects to explore.

This compilation of compelling persuasive speech topics in the medical field presents an excellent opportunity for you to craft an engaging and unique medical persuasive speech. Let these ideas serve as a foundation for brainstorming and developing your speech content.

Medical persuasive speech topics:

1. Enhancing the performance of your heart and brain through top activities.
2. Debunking the myth that diet drinks cause weight loss.
3. The impact of cell phones on our brains.
4. Examining the health implications of biohacking.
5. The broader societal impact of mental health disorders.
6. Linking couples’ stress levels and lifestyle choices to infertility.
7. Separating facts from fiction in alternative medicine.
8. Understanding how salt intake affects your health.
9. Exploring various treatment options for back pain.
10. Encouraging regular blood donation from everyone.
11. The significance of maintaining a strong immune system.
12. Unraveling the role of the food industry in obesity.
13. Advocating for non-smokers to be prioritized on organ transplant lists.
14. Addressing the overlooked issue of migraines at work or school.
15. Emphasizing the importance of oral health practices, like mouthwash after brushing.

Scientific persuasive speech topics:

1. The necessity of monitoring supplement use.
2. The concern over the rapid pace of change in science.
3. Examining the health risks of painkiller usage.
4. Discussing the potential harm of genetically modified foods.
5. Harnessing the potential of crystal healing for physical and mental health.
6. Establishing regulations for responsible stem cell research.
7. How science can improve the lives of people with physical disabilities.
8. Advocating for greater reliance on renewable energy sources.
9. Prioritizing research and treatment for cancer.
10. Investigating the impact of dietary choices on health.
11. The benefits of investing in space exploration for human well-being.

Persuasive speech topics about health:

1. Raising awareness about the misunderstood condition of migraines in workplaces.
2. The broader impact of mental health issues on society.
3. The importance of needle exchange programs in reducing blood-borne infections.
4. Understanding the challenges faced by children with ADHD in their studies.
5. The ethics of drug patents for broad use.
6. Addressing ethical challenges for nurses in hospitals.
7. Exploring the potential of speech recognition in medicine.
8. Identifying hyperactivity conditions in children early on through parental involvement.

Health persuasive speech topics:

1. Advocating for the fair treatment of nurses by doctors.
2. Improving treatment options for patients with blood cancer.
3. Ensuring timely treatment for war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.
4. Highlighting the benefits of contributing to local Alzheimer’s organizations.
5. The effectiveness of clinical psychology in treating depression.
6. Ethical considerations in organ donation for newborns without brains.
7. Understanding the impact of low red blood cell counts on health.
8. Promoting a heart-healthy diet for overall well-being.
9. The potential of research on Alzheimer’s using human tissue.
10. The role of nurses in creating a disease-free society.
11. Addressing the rising death rate from cancer-related illnesses.
12. Comparing clinical psychology to traditional methods for psychological treatment.
13. Early intervention for children with ADHD to manage hyperactivity.
14. Providing support and assistance for patients with Tourette syndrome.
15. The significance of avoiding trans fats to prevent heart disease.
16. Exploring the implications of using known sperm donors.

Healthcare persuasive speech topics:

1. Addressing the dangers of chemical drug addiction in humans.
2. Promoting counseling as a means to control substance abuse.
3. Discussing the risks and benefits of contraceptive pills.
4. Examining the role of the food industry in obesity.
5. Evaluating transgenerational techniques for better healthcare.
6. Advocating for nurse’s rights in terms of working hours.
7. Addressing the issue of overworked nursing staff due to inadequate hiring.
8. Understanding the impact of stuttering on self-esteem.
9. Identifying behavioral changes in children with attention deficit disorder.
10. Ensuring transparency in prescribing daily pills in pharmacies.
11. Clarifying the effect of high red blood cell counts on health.
12. Encouraging the use of medical hospice programs for patients nearing death.
13. Addressing concerns about the E Coli bacterium.
14. Understanding the indirect harm of elevated blood sugar levels on the heart and arteries.
15. Promoting access to The Morning-After Drug without a prescription.

Medical persuasive essay topics:

1. Exploring the impact of deficit hyperactivity disorder on individuals since childhood.
2. Evaluating the effectiveness of medication and psychological treatment for anxiety and phobias.
3. Understanding the link between an illness and food allergies.
4. Addressing behavior problems caused by food allergies.
5. Advocating for regular blood donation from everyone.
6. Identifying challenges in early blood cancer detection.
7. Promoting isolation measures to stop the spread of MRSA diseases.
8. Highlighting the difficulty of breaking substance abuse habits.
9. The importance of organ donation for everyone.
10. The necessity of dental insurance coverage.
11. Exploring medical options for individuals with poor cognitive development.

Persuasive speech topics for medical students in nursing:

1. Exploring the age factor in women’s ability to bear children.
2. Evaluating the effectiveness of air ambulance helicopters in assisting road accident victims.
3. Understanding the motivations behind cosmetic plastic surgery.
4. Addressing health concerns related to radiation from cell phones.
5. The role of clinical psychology in treating severe alcoholism.
6. Prioritizing children on transplant waiting lists.
7. Promoting regular dental care for overall health.
8. Raising awareness about repetitive strain injuries from computer use.
9. Understanding how cancer symptoms may manifest in other illnesses.
10. Exploring the effectiveness of weight loss methods like Atkins.

Medical speech topic ideas about relationships:

1. Understanding the role of intimacy in a successful relationship.
2. Exploring the benefits of staying engaged before marriage.
3. Evaluating the impact of household duties on child behavior.
4. Addressing gender differences in infidelity.
5. Examining the influence of social media on family dynamics.
6. Understanding the effects of domestic violence on children.
7. Exploring the challenges of long-distance relationships.
8. Evaluating the state of modern marriages.
9. Promoting family bonding through sports activities.
10. Advocating for counseling to address relationship issues.
11. Emphasizing the importance of making a good first impression.

Interesting medical persuasive speech topics:

1. Understanding the health benefits of regular exercise.
2. Exploring the positive effects of pet ownership on stress and anxiety.
3. Promoting exercise after a heart attack.
4. Advocating for contraceptive pill use in young girls.
5. Raising awareness about the adverse effects of fast-food consumption.
6. Highlighting the importance of safety belts for all passengers.
7. Encouraging gym attendance for obesity management.
8. Promoting a balanced diet for a long and healthy life.
9. Addressing the impact of pornographic material on children’s development.
10. The ethical considerations of recommending contraceptives to young girls.
11. The role of animals in medical research.
12. Understanding the benefits of waking up early for body development.
13. Evaluating the advantages of a universal healthcare system.
14. Promoting biking as an effective exercise option.
15. Addressing ethical concerns in using organs from unborn infants.
16. Advocating for stricter regulations on smoking tobacco.
17. Promoting allergen information in eateries.
18. Exploring the correlation between height and physical activity.
19. Discussing the distribution of free condoms in educational facilities.
20. Encouraging fast food producers to offer healthier options.

Medical topics for informative speech:

1. Understanding teenagers’ attitudes towards homework.
2. Evaluating the accessibility of exchange learning opportunities for students.
3. The importance of learning a foreign language in adolescence.
4. Addressing the issue of paying children for doing chores.
5. Exploring the benefits of allowing students to eat freely in school.
6. Understanding the risk factors for teenage girls compared to boys.
7. Promoting birth control methods for adolescent girls.
8. Exploring the pros and cons of lowering the voting age to 16.
9. Understanding teenagers’ fascination with online videos.
10. Evaluating gender differences in laziness among teenagers.
11. Addressing the impact of explicit content in educational settings.
12. Exploring the concept of teenagers divorcing their parents to pursue their goals.
13. Understanding the influence of violent video games on teenagers.
14. Examining the effects of teenage girls’ experiences with rape on their studies.
15. Addressing the potential consequences of excessive free time for kids.
16. Evaluating the benefits of teenage part-time jobs.
17. Understanding the realities of fame for young individuals.
18. Promoting comprehensive sex education in schools.
19. Addressing the implications of bullying and jokes in schools.
20. Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of single-gender schools.

Excellent medical persuasive speech topics:

1. Understanding strategies for controlling persistent pain.
2. Exploring habit-based diet control approaches.
3. Addressing the reasons behind animal extinction and endangerment.
4. Highlighting significant chemistry developments in the 20th and 21st centuries.
5. Promoting environmental awareness and sustainable living.
6. Understanding the adaptability of species to climate change.
7. Evaluating the environmental impact of hybrid vehicles.
8. Exploring the pros and cons of medical marijuana.
9. Understanding the importance of hydration and water intake.
10. Discussing the benefits and drawbacks of solar and wind energy.
11. Examining the effects of popular diets on the human body.
12. Evaluating the long-term effects of LASIK surgery.
13. Addressing the health risks of refined sugar consumption.
14. Understanding the applications of DNA testing and radiometric dating.
15. Exploring the science and potential of aromatherapy.
16. Promoting organic farming and conservation efforts.
17. Understanding the importance of protecting rainforests.
18. Discussing energy conservation techniques for sustainable living.
19. Addressing the effects of caffeine consumption on the body.
20. Exploring the ethical considerations of animal experimentation.

To conclude:

Creating a captivating medical persuasive speech requires a strong topic. Selecting an engaging subject for your speech can be a daunting task. This article has presented a list of 200 top medical persuasive speech topics that you can explore.

When choosing a topic, consider one that excites you and allows for in-depth research. Use clear and relatable language to connect with your audience, and opt for a unique issue to avoid covering well-trodden territory.

If you find yourself in need of further assistance in selecting the right topic for your medical persuasive speech, feel free to reach out to us. We offer academic writing support to students at all levels, and our services are affordable.