Full Guide on Driscoll Model of Reflection Nursing Essay

Full Guide on Driscoll Model of Reflection Nursing Essay

The Driscoll model of reflection in nursing essays is a straightforward and commonly used model in nursing programs. Developed by Dr. Chris Driscoll in 1994, 2004, and 2007, the model is based on the three key questions: what? so what? and now what? In this article, we will explore the concept of reflective models, understand Driscoll’s model of reflection in healthcare, and provide relevant examples of its application in nursing.

What are Reflective Models?

Reflective models are valuable tools used in health and social care programs to review and learn from past experiences. This process, also known as practice review, involves reflecting on past experiences to improve future methods. Reflective models encourage introspective and strategic thinking through activities like reporting, responding, relating, thinking, and reconstructing.

Understanding Driscoll’s Model of Reflection

Driscoll’s reflective model is a simple and widely used framework in the nursing field. It consists of three stages, developed from Terry Boston’s 1970 stem questions.

Steps in Driscoll’s Model of Reflection

Stage 1: What?

– Reflect on the experience or circumstance to be analyzed.
– Identify the main events and actions taken.
– Consider the involvement of other individuals.
– Evaluate your emotions and feelings during the event.

Stage 2: So What?

– Analyze your emotional response to the situation.
– Identify the factors that influenced your reaction.
– Examine any contradictions between your actions and beliefs.
– Consider the impact of past experiences on your perspective.
– Assess the emotional state and responses of others involved.

Stage 3: Now What?

– Reflect on the lessons learned from the experience.
– Determine how similar situations could be handled differently.
– Plan improvements for future encounters.
– Consider ways to prepare yourself better for future challenges.

Evaluation of Driscoll’s Model

Although not the most frequently referenced model of reflection, Driscoll’s model offers benefits due to its simplicity and ease of use.

Writing a Driscoll Model of Reflection Nursing Essay

To write a nursing essay using Driscoll’s model of reflection, follow these steps:

1. Gain insights into the discussion topic.
2. Choose Driscoll’s model as your reflective cycle.
3. List the three primary questions: “What,” “So What,” and “Now What.”
4. Brainstorm answers to each question in relation to your experience.
5. Research and elaborate on each section.

Benefits of Driscoll’s Model of Reflection

– Effective and quick results.
– Simple and easy to use.
– Easy to understand and implement, even for beginners.

Disadvantages of Driscoll’s Model

– Limited in-depth contemplation.
– Not suitable for complex, multi-stage reflection.


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